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Nov 10, 2012 7:00am EST
of structural, you know, working poor. is that the future for america? >> that's certainly the path we're on at the moment. when you look at the, at incomes and what's happened in this country to incomes, you know, median family incomes in real terms are 7% lower now than they were in 2000. in the 2005 so-called recovery, they never got back to where they were in twoa, the first time that's happened. they're still going down even in this economic recovery. in ohio, where i went on behalf of the president toward the end of the campaign, the job situation's very good, unemployment's 7%, but the incomes which used to be at the national average are now materially below, and new people get hired at a much lower rate. so that's exactly what we're headed, and the question is do we have the national will to implement that solution? i think the solution -- this falls into the, this could be considered falling into the apple pie kind of category because everybody says, yeah, that's what we should do, but i don't have a better idea, what we've done reasonably successfullifully for 250 years is to
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
're still a place that corporate america most likes to come to hire graduates. all of these things are there and still in place. we can't forget that even as we deal with some of the issues that continue to arise. >> what was the reaction on campus to spaniard's charges? >> i had relatively few opportunities to interact with individuals during the day, kind of an informal discussion atmosphere. i am sure there was emotion, a lot of concern. dr. span year was well-regarded among the student body, the faculty. we will have a better opportunity to assess that over the next few days and the weeks ahead. >> given the new charges are you being investigated for any role in the sandusky scandal? >> not that i am aware of. >> how are settlement negotiations going and why has the university not been forthcoming about how much it is paying on the settlement negotiators? >> kenneth feinberg and mike rosen and i were brought on really as intermediaries. they don't represent the university. they don't represent victims. they are simply there to try to engage in discussion and hopefully develop a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2